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Where I'd Take the Venus Signs on a Date

Updated: Feb 15, 2023

it's giving romance

Dating can be as excruciating as it it is exciting so if you suspect you might be catching feelings for someone, please hang up the phone and dial emergency services.

That was a joke—I would never tell you to call 911 unnecessarily for my own amusement. Especially not in writing...

Obviously if you're into someone, deciding where to go and what to do when you ask them out on a date can be its own little challenge. Thankfully astrology is here to help!

Venus teaches us about much more than love and romance, but looking at the astrological sign that your sweetheart's Venus is located in can give you a sense of the kinds of dates they might like best.

And, of course, we can also use Venus to plan dates with friends or even ourselves. Solo dates count! Don't forget to woo yourself too.

ARIES VENUS - Aries placements often have a youthful energy about them so this is the perfect opportunity to embrace child-like fun. What could be better than flying around a track together at high speeds?

Go karts are a great way to make use of that fiery energy, but do be aware that no matter how cool they try to play it, your Aries Venus will likely play to win. It's up to you on whether you let

them have their little moment or decide to assert your dominance. Your Aries Venus may appreciate spontaneity so, for extra points, try springing this date on them.

"Surprise, bitch, we're going racing."

TAURUS VENUS - Do not disturb a Taurus Venus. In fact, take them somewhere that's as easy as it is beautiful. Pay a visit to a botanical garden. Tauruses can be all about the natural world, and with a garden you get the best of the outdoors without having to battle nature itself.

Some botanical gardens allow guests to bring their own food so, if you can, I'd absolutely add a picnic component to this date. Your Taurus Venus likely has a thing for sensual pleasures, and food is certainly one of those. If ever there was a moment for your finest charcuterie spread, it's a romantic garden picnic. Hand holding is encouraged.

GEMINI VENUS - Variety is the name of the game here so I'd take a Gemini Venus on a little road trip. Think of it as a day trip with lots of stops. Of course, the agenda will be subject to your location, but I'd incorporate humor, culture, and tons of time to chat. A used book store, local art show, farmers market, diner, comedy show, coffee shop, cool museum...pick a few venues based on the vibe your date gives off.

Embrace variety and mental stimulation, and show your Gemini Venus that you're someone who can keep up and enjoy life to the fullest. Choose settings where you can show off your wit and don't have to take yourself too seriously. Just be cool and sexy and busy together.

CANCER VENUS - You know what's better than a hot night out? A warm night in. I'd get all your Cancer Venus' favorite snacks and create a little movie menu of stuff you think they might like to rent or stream. You want to lean into comfort and nostalgia so assemble your plushest pillows and blankets. Set a pajamas-only dress code if you're goofy like that. Pillow forts are optional, but why deny yourself the whimsy?

If a really curated Netflix and chill isn't your jam, you can also get a game like We're Not Really Strangers that has lots of interesting questions to help you get to know each other on a deeper level. With Cancer Venus, it's all about quality time. Go forth and be your coziest selves together.

LEO VENUS - Inside every Leo Venus is two wolves...and one (okay, both) is a bit of a showboat. But what is a performer without an audience? Take their ass to karaoke.

Even if they're a bit on the shy side, karaoke bars are low stakes in that nobody expects you to be Mariah Carey (in fact, good singers aren't as fun to watch when you're just trying to hang out and have a silly little time). Let them play rock star for a night. I don't care if they're the worst singer in the world—act like that shit is the best you've ever heard. Create a safe space for your Leo Venus to let go. If you can show them your playful side too, it will really light their fire. Cue the Sonny and Cher.

VIRGO VENUS - There's something special about Virgo Venuses and their connection with animals. In fact, they probably rather hang out with animals than go on a date with you so you'll have to split the difference. Take them to a pet cafe!

If that's not an option, I'd visit an animal sanctuary or volunteer for an afternoon at an animal shelter as they typically need people to walk dogs or play with cats. These places are often looking to find homes for animals or at least make their lives better, and I'd bet your Virgo Venus is up to the task. I say let them do their thing. They're going to appreciate a date that has a bit more meaning than dinner and a movie, and, chances are, they're not used to being seen for what they're good at. Make sure you notice.

LIBRA VENUS - Libra Venus tends to have an eye for beauty, and what would be more beautiful than making some bouquets for each other? I'd take your date to a flower market. It's a way to kind of buy into the classic "flowers on a date" thing in a more creative way.

If you don't live anywhere near a flower market, you can always try a florist or a flower farm. You'll have time to flirt and chat, and picking things out for one another is going to ensure the spotlight isn't all on them. You can reciprocate and get to know each other better on an aesthetic level (and, ideally your Libra Venus is going to get a lot of cool pictures out of it). As an added bonus, this date will give you both something to stare at longingly while you reminisce about your romantic outing.

SCORPIO VENUS - I'd take their ass to a cemetery. Now if you're saying that's a little too weird for a date, I'm not sure you're ready for a Scorpio Venus. Nobody said you have to go there at night! But stick with me...

A lot of cemeteries are beautiful and peaceful, and a Scorpio Venus of all people knows that just because some place is considered a bit dark or weird doesn't mean it's not interesting. Scorpios are known as the spooky bitches of the zodiac for a reason. Find a cemetery that has some history if you can, and walk around and enjoy the quiet stillness. Read the gravestones and see what kind of stories you can discover. Know that just because you're in a serious place doesn't mean you have to be all serious (be respectful, of course!). Ask each other deep questions. Scorpio Venus isn't going to be content with surface level so talk about what you think happens when we die. Talk about what you want your funerals to be like. If things go really well, you could even make a little death pact together.

SAGITTARIUS VENUS - Most people aren't going to be able to hop on a plane with their date and go jet setting so instead I'd plan a scavenger hunt. Pick four or five different locations in a neighborhood or town that's new to your Sagittarius Venus. There are a million different ways you can customize and personalize it depending on where you are and who you're taking out, but the point is to design an adventure.

Write out clues so your date can guess each location. You could lead your Sagittarius Venus to a history museum to find a particular artifact (culture!), an ethnic grocery store to find a particular snack (new delights!), a courthouse or local government building to have them take a picture with a portrait or statue of an old dead white guy (humor!), or a car lot and have them test drive the fanciest car they've got (thrills!). Yes, this date takes research and effort, but your Sagittarius Venus will appreciate the challenge and relish your cleverness.

CAPRICORN VENUS - I'd take them to a pottery class. And you might say, "No, take them to Soho House! Take them to a business meeting!" But I think they need to be allowed to be in an environment where they don't have to be so on top of things but there's still some structure. And your Capricorn Venus is going to have their favorite thing: a little task to complete.

People underestimate Capricorn's appreciation for romance, and pottery is romantic. It also shows a level of commitment and seriousness because you're going to have to go back in a few days to pick up your pottery after they've fired it in the kiln. Pottery classes usually aren't cheap either so you'll get points for the splurge. If the date goes well, they'll appreciate having something tangible to remember it by. And don't surprise them with the class! Make sure they know the plans you've made because they like a heads up and the anticipation will be part of the fun.

AQUARIUS VENUS - Take them to a planetarium. They used to be more of a thing in the US during the Cold War era so there's not a ton of them left. Some are kitschy and some are modern, but either way I feel like you and your Aquarius Venus are going to see something that may remind you of your high school science class. If it's a good one, you might even learn something. There could be some good people watching, and you'll have something to talk about after. With an Aquarius Venus, if there's no intellectual stimulation it's probably not going to work out anyway.

If you don't live near a planetarium, you could do some good old fashioned stargazing. Lay out a blanket and a telescope, if you've got one. And, if you don't, there's also a ton of apps you can use to figure out what you're actually looking at. If you don't want to deal with all of that damn technology (your Aquarius will!), make up stories and names for things yourself. Don't be afraid to get a little weird with it.

PISCES VENUS - Do you really think a Pisces Venus wants to do something normal? I'd take them to a sound bath. Some people might find it strange to go on a date where there's not a lot of communication involved, but Pisces don't always rely on words to communicate. There's a magic to it.

Pisces is really receptive energy, and they can tune into their environment, including the people around them. I would argue that of any of the Venus signs, Pisces is the one that can lay on a mat and share a spiritual experience with you without even speaking. You'll leave feeling lighter and more connected with each other, and your Pisces Venus is going to appreciate that you didn't settle for dinner and a movie. Pretty sure you can hold hands during a sound bath, and you two will be in for an otherworldly time no matter what you decide to do afterwards.

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