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My name is Kaycee, and I'm a screenwriter and an astrologer. I stumbled upon astrology on accident, and, as you can see, it really stuck.


Astrology is the best language I've found for describing the different layers of how I experience life, relationships with other people, and existing here and now as a human being. It's helped me cultivate a greater sense of connection and inspiration.

I had the pleasure of receiving traditional medieval style astrological training after being invited to apprentice under my teacher and mentor, Laurie Rivers. Laurie has been a professional astrologer for three decades and is truly one of the world's finest (and most accurate!) living astrologers.

I practice applied observational astrology and use progressive interpretations, meaning that I'm trying to do away with old and outdated patriarchal interpretations that failed to imagine the levels of awareness we are capable of experiencing today.

The goal of my astrology readings is to offer clients a deeper understanding of themselves—their opportunities, strengths, challenges, life lessons, and spiritual gifts—in words that even those with no prior experience with astrology can enjoy and benefit from.

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